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WIA-Europe lands in Africa

The Boards of WIA, WIA-Europe and WIA-Canada are pleased to announce that our network has expanded even further across the globe. Our newest sister organisation, Women in Aerospace Africa, was formally launched at the WIA Europe networking breakfast at the IAC, Cape Town, on October 4.

WIA Africa President Carla Sharpe said: ā€œI was so proud to be part of an organisation like Women in Aerospace and now to be a part of starting Women in Aerospace Africa is just such a great time for me. There are many women in aerospace positions scattered throughout Africa that will now have a forum to interact with others and equally address the women, young and old, in developing nations, their issues and their possibilities.

ā€œThe input from WIA and WIA Europe has been incredible, I never believed there would be such great interest and support, we are very grateful. In starting down this road it has amazed me at just how many women we have in the space arena within Africa.ā€

This latest exciting development represents another step towards realising our common goal of creating a global WIA community. It shows once again that our objectives transcend borders, and are shared by all. Women in our sector need an organisation which allows them to meet, exchange experience and represents them.

We are proud to welcome this newest branch of the expanding network of Women in Aerospace.

If you would like additional information on WIA Africa, contactĀ Carla Sharpe.

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