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WIA Europe Awards Two Grants to Attend the IAC in Toronto

The WIA-Europe grants program continues to be very successful! For the second semester of 2014, among many very good applications, WIA Europe decided to award two grants to attend the next IAC in Toronto. We are very pleased to introduce our winners  and we wish them all the best for their future career:

Lucie Poulet (France), a very brilliant research engineer. Lucie got a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering and is becoming an expert of exploration challenges.¬† She is involved in the Melissa project as Research Associate and in two Mars simulation missions :HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation)¬† as crew member of Mars analog mission (123 days) and MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) as Crew Executive Officer and GreenHab Officer (15-days).¬† At the next IAC she will present 2 papers on “GREENHOUSE AUTOMATION, ILLUMINATION AND EXPANSION STUDY FOR MARS DESERT RESEARCH STATION” and “DEMONSTRATION TEST OF ELECTRICAL LIGHTING SYSTEMS FOR PLANT GROWTH IN HI-SEAS ANALOG MARS HABITAT”.




Sandra Gonzales (Spain), a dedicated electronics engineer now involved in the design and test of the Power Control and Conditioning Unit (PCDU) of the Grace Follow On satellites, at Airbus Defence and Space. She has been very successful in developing a Master Thesis on the European Student Moon Orbiter (ESMO) project, the fourth mission within ESA‚Äôs Education Satellite Programme, and is a very active member of the SGAC as project leader and project coordinator. Sandra has been accepted for presenting a paper to IAC on ‚ÄúKNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND KNOW-HOW TRANSFER IN THE SPACE INDUSTRY. AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO¬† ADAPT TO THE EMPLOYMENT PATTERNS OF THE NEXT GENERATION”

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