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New corporate member Mines Albi

The Graduate school of Engineering of Mines Albi-Carmaux (École Nationale SupĂ©rieure des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux)has recently joined WIA Europe as a non-profit corporate member.  Welcome!

Mines Albi is a state-funded higher education institution founded in 1993 and placed under the authority of the French Ministry of Economy and Industry. It is a graduate school of engineering.  Elise Vareilles is the representative and she will be involved with the Toulouse local group.

As a French ‘Grande École’ of engineering, Mines Albi offers an outstanding range of programs. Their undergraduate students are admitted at L3 or M1 level and their Engineering Diploma is delivered at the end of M2 year.
Their master of science, engineering, International Master (M3) and PhD programs provide a high level of scientific and managerial training to develop socially responsible leaders poised for the challenges of a dynamic and unsettled world.

A center of excellence for research

Mines Albi hosts 3 research centers:

  • The RAPSODEE research center dedicated to energy, environment and the science and technology of particulate solids
  • The ClĂ©ment Ader Institute focusing on research on mechanical and material science engineering with a particular emphasis in aeronautics and space applications
  • The Research Center for Industrial Engineering devoted to the organization and management of supply chains, development of mathematical tools and software for system engineering

In recognition of the scientific excellence and quality within industry research partnerships, RAPSODEE became a shared research unit between CNRS and Mines Albi and the laboratories of Mines Albi were awarded the prestigious “Carnot” ranking, a label delivered to elite research groups in France conducting industry-oriented research.

A business partner for economic and regional development

Mines Albi continuously develops close ties with international and national industries and participates in the development of the regional economy, e.g. by hosting starts-up etc.
The training process is designed to ensure that graduate engineers are able to ‘hit the ground running’ in operational jobs in various sectors in industry. Many engineers and managers from industry regularly teach at the school and are closely involved in its management.

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