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WIA-E Leiden and S[&]T for a rocket-themed event in Delft

Women in Aerospace proveĀ #rocketsareforgirls

WIA-E Leiden teamed up with S[&]T for a rocket-themed event in Delft. Women from the local WIA-E Leiden group joined other interested professionals for a 3 part lecture on re-entry science, launch campaigns, and the latest status of TU Delft’s amateur rocket developments.

We first heard from Barbara ten Berge about Women in Aerospace’s goals and upcoming events. Then Sarah Lammens took the floor to introduce the audience to theĀ Demise Observation Capsule, which is currently in development, and will help ESA and other launching entities better understand the physical processes that occur during re-entry and breakup of launcher stages (and potentially other objects). Trevor Watts talked us through his years of experience supporting launch campaigns in French Guiana, including personal stories, and some practical advice.

Finally, theĀ DAREĀ students showed the latest engine tests for their Stratos III rocket, which will attempt to break European and World amateur rocket records this summer.

The event ended with a buffet of handmade food, nice drinks and plenty of time to network. We would like to thank S[&]T for their hospitality.

Did you miss us this time? Catch us next time for more fun! TheĀ next WIA-E eventĀ will take place on the 29th of May at the TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering: Kluyverweg 1 in Delft. 3 speakers, a workshop and an informal dinner will make for a half-day of rewarding networking with other females in the aerospace community.

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