Fiorella Coliolo is an astrophysicist by training with strong experience in communication and public relations. She joined ESA Communication Department as Young Graduate Trainee in 2003, and created her own company ExoWorld in 2004.

Since then Fiorella has worked on many international projects involving different actors: ESA, national space agencies, industries, European scientific institutions and museums. These gave her the opportunity to work within multi-skilled and multi-cultural teams, developing skills in communication and building fundamental working methods to complement her scientific background. In the last 10 years she has gained an in-depth knowledge of space and its main actors, allowing her to communicate and interact with key players.

Fiorella believes that communication is essential to educate different target audiences about the strategic importance of space and to inspire young generation with creativity and innovation.

She is an International Space University (ISU) alumni and member of the Space Education and Outreach Committee (SSC) of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). In addition to the space field, Fiorella is an active member of DIRE, the Italian network of professional ladies living abroad, and of the European Professional Women Network (EPWN).

She has published two books: The World of ESA and La vie dans l’Univers entre mythes et realités (“Life in the Universe between Myth and Reality”)
Current position: Freelance in communication and public relations.