Event 03.10.2019Time Juan-les-Pins, France

Dear all,

we’re excited to invite you to ESPC 2019 3rd October Lunchtime panel on “Space and Innovation”, sponsored by WIA-E and IEEE WIE.


  • Luisella Giulicchi (ESA and President of WIA-E)
  • Nita Patel (Lead engineering design and development and founder and Chair of IEEE-WIE)


  • Véronique and Mariel

Each speaker contribution is 10-15 minutes followed by networking lunch/drink on the terrace.

Event is going to be recorded in an article that will be shared/published on ESA’s official channels.

Topics planned to be addressed:

  • Space and Innovation achievements in the last 10 years
  • Women involvement in space related fields in the last 10 years
  • Increase women-students’ interest in pursuing STEM studies and careers
  • Increase women-engineers’ interest in applying to ESA job

Stay tuned for more info!