Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Eleonor Frost – 2019 Winner

Eleonor Frost is a recent graduate of UCL with a BSc Hons degree in Physics and Medical Physics. A background in physics and engineering has led to a keen interest in Aviation and Aerospace medicine. This was nurtured during a visit to the RAF Centre for Aviation Medicine and further by the teaching and mentoring of Dr Kevin Fong on UCL’s Space Medicine and Extreme Environment Physiology course. Alongside this, her thesis researching the “Feasibility and Design of a Microgravity Surgical Workstation” has won a UK wide competition and is an individual finalist at the IAC 2019. She has also presented this research in Alexandria, Egypt and London.

As UCL Space Society’s first Space Medicine officer, she has helped organise events and publish articles for UCL promoting space medicine. This year she is working as a researcher at King’s College London with ISSET developing microbiology experiments set to launch to the ISS in spring 2020. Eleonor is currently the appointed Vice-Lead for the SGAC Space Medicine and Life Sciences Group and is aiming to begin graduate entry medicine in 2020. She is also the lead for two research groups: the SGAC SMLS working group researching how to study ICP changes in microgravity, and the all-female ‘Paraboladies’ team defining the pre-flight medical checks that will be required for tourists undertaking suborbital spaceflight. Alongside the team in the latter she has presented in Paris, Washington, London and is invited to 4 further presentations in 2019.

Eleonor is a keen STEM Ambassador, having completed UKSEDS Space Ambassador training, and is fortunate enough to have spoken in many schools to over 200 students and most recently led activities at the Science Museum using the ESA Space materials case. She is also an active member of WIA as a keen glider and RAeS, AMSRO and ASMA.

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