Event 09.04.2020
Location Bremen

The WIA-E members : Dr. Anna Chrobry and Dr. Hannah Brocke are happy to invite you for Yuri’s Night goes Eco under the patronage of Science goes Public.

Amazed by astronomy? Wondering when we will go to Mars? Or what is under the Sea? Discover the secrets of the Universe with us … at the bar! ✨?

Inspired by the subjects the scientists, engineers are working on, we invite you to meet them  during informal and simple talks ?

Join us and listen to: Space under the sea

In 2018, the Bremen start-up company planblue was awarded the prestigious Space Oscar ‘Overall European Winner’. Dr Hannah Brocke, one of the four co-founders of planblue, will reveal
• WHY 95% of the oceans are unexplored;
• WHY space technologies bring great hope to help solve global critical problems (such as climate change in our ocean);
• and WHY it is worth a try to protect our space under the sea.

When: 9th April at 20:30
Where: TwoBeers in Viertel

Science goes Public is a free public outreach event featuring engaging science, engineers presentations in bars, often com¬bined with music, games, and prizes for a fun, interactive atmosphere.

Let’s drink to the Universe and its mysteries!

? Meeting will be held in English.