June 30, 2022
WIA-Europe Barcelona – End of Year Closing Act

June 28, 2022
WIA-E Luxembourg: #IamRemarkable Workshop

June 25, 2022
WIA-E Madrid: Lift off your space career

June 21, 2022
WIA-E Rome: “Oltre le stelle più lontane”: a tu per tu con l’autrice Elvina Finzi

June 9, 2022
WIA-E Madrid: Copernicus, sentinels of the environment

June 13, 2022
WIA-E UK: Workshop – Hybrid Working

May 26, 2022
WIA-E Barcelona: “How do gases behave in microgravity?” #Women4Space Conference with Ioana El Kraye Ziade

May 20, 2022
WIA-Europe Week: STEM Education

May 19, 2022
WIA-Europe Week: Smart Working

May 18, 2022
WIA-Europe Week: Women in the C-Suite

May 17, 2022
WIA-Europe Week: Visibility of Female Experts

May 16, 2022
WIA-Europe Week: Skills Gap in Aerospace

June 2, 2022
WIA-E Toulouse: Lift your feeling of illegitimacy to develop your career!

April 28, 2022
WIA-E Madrid: Próxima parada, las estrellas (Next stop, the stars)

April 30, 2022
WIA-E Barcelona Symposium: Space In Our Life

May 24, 2022
WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony at the Living Planet Symposium

April 11, 2022
Women in Aerospace – Europe Toulouse Local Group Afterwork/WIApero

April 8, 2022
WIA-E Rome webinar “Space for Women: Exoplanets and Evolved Stars at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center”

March 17, 2022
Career Marketing – Pitch Yourself

March 8, 2022
The Ingenuity (In)Visible by Núria Salán

March 8, 2022
Break the Bias: IWD Session

March 4, 2022
WIA-E UK Online Networking

March 3, 2022
¿Quieres por fin cumplir tus objetivos? (“Do you finally want to meet your goals?”)

February 21, 2022
Aerospace sector as a professional opportunity

February 16, 2022
Impulsando a los jóvenes hacia STEM y el Espacio

February 11, 2022
From STEM to Stars with Annamaria Nassisi

January 27, 2022
WIA-E Madrid: “Imprimiendo el espacio en 3D”

February 15, 2022
Join Women in Aerospace – Europe Toulouse Local Group Afterwork/WIApéro