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High Patronage given to WIA Europe

Chair of the ESA Ministerial Conference and Research and Education Minister has given High Patronage to Women in Aerospace Europe.

In a personal letter addressed to Mrs. Simonetta Di Pippo, President of the Women in Aerospace Europe association, the current Chair of the ESA Ministerial Conference and Italian Minister for Education, University and Research, Hon. Maria Stella Gelmini agreed to give the High Patronage of the Italian Minister for Education, University and Research to WIA Europe on account of its scope and activities.

Moreover, Hon. Gelmini expressed her appreciation and interest in the WIA Europe initiative as well as how quickly it has taken roots and rallied women and men from many countries throughout Europe. On this basis she gladly accepted the honorary membership that had been offered to her.

This important recognition occurs the day before the 2nd WIA Europe General Assembly which will take place at the ESA establishment in The Netherlands (ESTEC) at the presence of the ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain and many representatives from various European agencies, institutions and industries.

WIA Europe was established in June last year and officially presented at the Le Bourget air and space exhibition in Paris. Its objective is to increase the visibility, the opportunities, the networking for and among women active in the aerospace sector and enhance their chances to reach higher responsibilities and leadership positions.

Since its creation it has gained increasing support through individual membership, coming from all over Europe, as well as key aerospace companies through corporate membership.

Among its actions, WIA Europe also envisions initiating a mentoring programme to allow young women in the aerospace business to take advantage from the advices and experience of those who made it to the top.

“The aerospace sector, and space exploration in particular, are domains that require innovation to succeed and that give innovative technologies back to societies to tackle daily issues” said Mrs. Di Pippo, WIA Europe President and ESA Director of Human Spaceflight. “Innovation is best guaranteed if the “other half of the sky” is equally involved in managerial and decision-making processes. To make this happen is WIA Europe’s objective and Minister Gelmini High Patronage and individual adhesion gives a great boost in pursuing of our objectives for the benefit of Europe economic and societal growth”.

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