Events - 12.07.2019

WIA Global Networks 2019

Events - 30.09.2019

WIA-E Barcelona local group kicks off!

Barcelona, Events, Local Groups - 02.10.2019

WIA-E Rome invites to Summer Aperitif

Events, Local Groups, Rome - 19.07.2019

WIA-E Paris to promote STEM at a high school forum

Events, Local Groups, Paris - 30.11.2019

WIA-E Bremen invites to Christmas Space Tales

Bremen, Events, Local Groups - 02.12.2019

WIA-E Paris at the ConnectX Summit 2019

Events, Local Groups, Paris - 04.12.2019

WIA-E Brussels invites to European Winter Dinner

Bruxelles, Events, Local Groups - 13.12.2019

WIA-E Bremen invites to a New Year Brainstorming Meeting

Bremen, Events, Local Groups - 30.01.2020

WIA-E Strasbourg invites to Movie Night followed by a Debate

Events, Local Groups, Strasbourg - 31.01.2020

WIA-E Bremen invites to the first “Motivation Boost Weekend”

Bremen, Events, Local Groups - 15.02.2020

WIA-E Strasbourg invites to Talk with Dr. Angie Bukley

Events, Local Groups, Strasbourg - 20.02.2020

WIA-E Strasbourg invites to Workshop on Women in the Workplace

Events, Local Groups, Strasbourg - 03.03.2020

WIA-E Strasbourg invites to Celebrating Women’s Day 2020

Events, Local Groups, Strasbourg - 12.03.2020

WIA-E UK invites you to a webinar on STEM

Events, Local Groups, UK - 16.03.2020


We envision a world where we Europeans collaboratively create an aerospace sector with an inclusive representation.

Women in Aerospace Europe Local Groups


As any professional will tell you, interpersonal connections form the very cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling career. Among WIA-Europe’s goals is building our members’ careers through our network, and what better network to nurture than the one you are already in?


Our local groups are strong, ever-growing and diverging units that meet regularly for networking events, trainings and lectures. These events include professional trainings and workshops with qualified trainers and coaches, company visits, mentoring evenings or simply chatting over drinks and dinner.


Feel free to suggest your ideas and play an active role in creating the events you most want to see happen! Do you have any questions or would you like to be put on the list for a local group, or propose to start one in your area? Let us know! If you are interested in starting a local group in your area click on the button below

Below is a list of our current active groups. However, there are many more in the making.












United Kingdom



Women in Aerospace Europe Corporate Members

Being a part of Women in Aerospace Europe means benefiting from our programs and special member offers, as well as connecting with like-minded professionals through our local communities. As a Corporate Member, your organization will help us to to develop a society in which diversity will not be noticed anymore and to advocate the importance of space activities at the same time.

Women in Aerospace Europe Partners

In order to provide our members with the best and most varied events and programmes, WIA Europe has partnered with the following organisations.

WIA Global Networks

For 30 years, Women in Aerospace (WIA) has been dedicated to expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community, both in the US and internationally.

In June 2009, WIA-Europe and WIA-Canada were established. In 2017, WIA-Mexico and WIA-Japan were established. We invite you to visit our sister organization websites and/or social media:


Established 1985


Established 2009


Established 2010


Established 2011


Established 2017


Established 2017

Corporate survey to reinforce our relationship and to show their thinking on gender diversity, commitment/actions in place and motivation to be part of WIA Europe WIA Europe is grateful to Corporates, Partners and Individual Memberships to be part of our association as reference organization for women who want to accomplish their careers in the aerospace field, but also for men who want to be part of a modern association. WIA Europe constitutes a global networking platform of people working in the aerospace fields with their current sisters WIA USA, WIA Canada, WIA Africa, WIA Japan, WIA Mexico.