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Playlist: Bridging the gap

The “Bridging the Gap” series by Women In Aerospace-Europe showcases inspirational figures who share valuable insights on the dynamic aerospace landscape. It illuminates current gaps in essential qualifications and provides guidance on developing skills to future-proof your career. Whether you’re considering entering the industry, taking initial steps in your aerospace career, or advancing into higher leadership roles, this series is tailored for you!

WIA-Europe Symposium 2023

With 2023 declared as the European Year of Skills by European Commission, Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) will be hosting the second issue of Women in Aerospace Europe Symposium in May. In a series of online lunchtime events, we will explore the range of research currently available on the #skillsgap in the aerospace sector; hear which skills are sought after by aerospace companies; and which steps can be taken for applicants and companies to facilitate a match made in Space.

Playlist: WIA-Europe Week 2022 - White Papers

Playlist: Space4Coffee

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