Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth


The Rome local group was founded in 2013.

The Rome area is home to wealth of aerospace-related activities, from Universities to Companies, from Research institutions to Government Agencies: they can all be found in or around the Eternal City.

Our aim is to bring together the large Italian Space community in support of a more diverse and equal workforce, attracting our members and stimulating the new generation for interest in STEM.

The main Rome LG initiatives are:

  • Organization of seminars/workshops/trainings performed ā€œface to faceā€ or by ā€œdigital platformā€
  • Virtual Sunday Coffee Break
  • Networking/Mentoring with our aerospace experts and external guests

Social media initiatives:

  • #MeetOurLG,Ā Rome LG Instagram
  • #InspirationalquotesfromWomeninSTEM,Ā Rome LG Instagram/Facebook and WIA-E LinkedIn
  • #RubricaGiovani,Ā on Rome LG Instagram/Facebook
    Italian primary/secondary educational: ā€œDa grande voglio andare nello spazioā€
  • #GenderEquality Research team

For more information please contact the committee atĀ rome@wia-europe.org and on our social media.



  • Cristina Valente (LG Leader), Telespazio
  • Annamaria Nassisi (LG co-leader), Thales Alenia Space


  • Maria Messina, ASI
  • Anastasia SchilirĆ², NEXT ā€œIngegneria dei sistemiā€
  • Alice Pellegrino, Canon Electronics Inc. Japan
  • Luisa Riccardi, MoD-I (Director R&D), EDA (Chair of Board of Research Directors), ASI (CdA member), ENAC (Board Member)
  • Maria Libera Battagliere, ASI
  • Fabrizia Buongiorno, INGV
  • Laura Bettiol, SGAC and FOTEC Austria
  • Clelia Iacomino, Junior Research Fellow at SEE Lab SDA Bocconi
  • Elena Toson, T4i
  • AlessiaGloder, Technische UniversitƤt Dresden (TUD)

Very active students (the backbone of dissemination activities): Aloisia Russo, Federica Angeletti, Maria Giulia Pancalli, Veronica Bandini, Marzia Zucchelli, Eleonora Vestito.

Corporate survey to reinforce our relationship and to show their thinking on gender diversity, commitment/actions in place and motivation to be part of WIA Europe WIA Europe is grateful to Corporates, Partners and Individual Memberships to be part of our association as reference organization for women who want to accomplish their careers in the aerospace field, but also for men who want to be part of a modern association. WIA Europe constitutes a global networking platform of people working in the aerospace fields with their current sisters WIA USA, WIA Canada, WIA Africa, WIA Japan, WIA Mexico.

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