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WIA-Europe Rome: Local Group 10 Years Celebration

On 1 December 2023, the WIA-Europe Rome LG will celebrate the 10 years at the ASI Auditorium of its headquarters. WIA-E Rome Local Group is grateful to Corporate WIA-E ASI for offering this representative venue and looks forward to seeing many of you.

The WIA-Europe Rome LG was established in October 2013 for a greater diffusion in the territory. The event will have the aim of sharing the numerous activities of studies, research, collaborations and much more that have been carried out over the course of these ten years by a close-knit and compact group that has made the initiatives implemented successful and has been precursor of many innovative ideas. It will also be a moment of networking to strengthen ties with the aerospace community, women and men, and gather ideas to develop in the coming years.

The Rome area is home to a great wealth of aerospace-related activities, from universities to companies, from research institutions to government bodies: all located in or near the Eternal City. Since its founding, WIA-E Rome LG’s goal has been to unite the vast Italian space community in support of a more diverse and equitable workforce, attracting the attention of its members and stimulating the interest of the new generation in STEM subjects and spread across the national territory.

To participate in the event you must register at the << following link >> or on ASI website by November 24, 2023.

Find the draft agenda at << this link >>

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