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WIA-Europe and SGAC join forces

We at Women in Aerospace Europe are very pleased to announce our newest partner: theĀ Space Generation Advisory Council. The agreement was signed on October 1 at the SGAC lunch at the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town, which was sponsored by WIA.

As a partnership, it is one that has long been in the works. Even a cursory glance over WIA and SGACā€™s goals will instantly reveal that we as associations have a great deal in common, and stand for the same principles. We both work to represent and advocate for groups that are often overlooked in the aerospace sector, and do so by fostering a network that gives them a community and a voice ā€“ WIA for women, and SGAC for young space professionals and students. We do this because we believe these are groups with valuable input that can ultimately improve the industry as a whole.

Our cooperation means that the future holds some exciting new opportunities for our respective members. The recent lunch in South Africa was just the beginning, as we plan to use our collaborative efforts to advocate for our members in the sector. One of the objectives we want to focus on in particular is increasing the visibility of young and female workers ā€“ an aim that hits home for us at WIA, as so many of our members are young women.

Michael Brett, the SGAC Chair, said at the IAC signing: ā€œSGAC has a strong reputation of having a balanced membership in terms of gender, with numerous women acting as National Points of Contacts or being involved in the leadership team of the organisation. We hope that by signing this agreement with WIA-E we will solidify this trend within SGAC and help WIA-E overcome some of the challenges that the space sector faces in terms of women participation.ā€

Both Boards have agreed to meet at least once a year to discuss how to best work together to achieve our goals. We look to a bright future, and a fruitful partnership.

If you need more information, pleaseĀ contact us.

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