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‘Promote yourself’ Munich workshop a real eyeopener

“Nice experience, I will remember this (and use it!). Thanks!”
Feedback from one of the participants

What a transformation! On Wednesday 18 July, seven WIA members attended the workshop “Promote Yourself”. Everyone got a good taste of some of the areas to be improved regarding self-promotion.

At the end of the evening each of the participants went home with a short list of three strengths that make them stand out, a personal goal for their next professional meeting and an elevator pitch that made you want to know more about them! And as a bonus, they learned… juggling skills (yes, literally).

Beside the good trainers’ preparation, the key of the success of the workshop was the amount of practical work done by each of the participants (enabled by a compact group), the group feedback and the willingness of all who attended to learn from the training.

The workshop was kindly hosted by the Technical University of München, and was given by professional coach Claudia Kimich, supported by Angelika Collisi. It was scheduled from 5 – 9pm to accommodate working hours, which garnered positive feedback from the attendants.

By Diana Pueyo, WIA Munich group leader

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