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EU Gender Summit and Brussels breakfast

This year’s European Gender Summit with the theme ‘Aligning Agendas for Excellence’ will take place onĀ 29-30 Nov 2012Ā at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Gender summit 2012

The European Gender Summit 2012 brings togetherĀ top-level researchers, science leaders, and policy makersĀ to examine gender issues that impact on the implementation of the upcomingĀ HORIZON 2020,Ā European Research AreaĀ andĀ Innovation Union. In general, the European Gender Summit is dedicated to supporting and advancing excellence and effectiveness of research and innovation at all levels, through the inclusion of gender.

WIA Europe will participate with an ePoster, to spread awareness about our association and what we can offer in the journey towards gender equality in the workplace. The first WIA Europe breakfast in Brussels ever is expected to take place on November 30th, 2012. Stay tuned for more.

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