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What is it Like to Work in MINT?

Hamburg, March 26th

What is it like to work in MINT*? What should I take into account to progress?

On March 26th hosted by Hamburg University, a fully booked room of 160 eager students and professionals, who wanted to make a carrier in MINT, spent the evening with inspirational talks.

Our Munich local group leader Diana Pueyo shared the stage ā€“as representative of EADS- with prominent speakers. After explaining why there is specially at the moment in Germany the need to increase the presence of women in MINT, she presented her experience as technical expert and as manager in the Space sector.

Noteworthy were also interventions from Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Mielke -Vice President of the University of Hamburg- and Marion Knaths ā€“well-known Management Trainer in Germany and author of the book Spiele mit der Macht (Games of Power).

Prof. Dr. Mielke presented the situation of academic women in her university (better than it was, but still to be improved). Furthermore she mentioned WIA in her welcome talk, as one of the useful networks!Ā  Marion Knaths gave examples and practical tips on how to take into account menā€™s rules by games of power.


*MINT= mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology.

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