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WIA Munich Training – How to Manage Your Boss

How long?       17:30 Р21:30
When?              April 25th, 2013
Where?            TBC (Munich City)
How much?      90 Euros

How to register?
1. Register up to April 18th (wia.munich@gmail.com)
2. WIA confirms place availability
3. You transfer the fee to WIA Bank Account

Trainer: Angelika Collisi
Please be aware: This event is only open to WIA members // This is a special course for our association // Places are limited

Should I do this training?¬† In business, we try to manage every relationship: with our staff, our colleagues, our customers…And how about our boss? Isn’t he or she one of the central points of our current career? In order to determine your own best way of achieving your aims, we take a look at both your boss and yourself to use this relationship to the maximum benefit of both parties.

During the training we will focus on:
–¬† Who is your Boss? ‚Äď Personality types, preferences, His/Her priorities
–¬† What is your Aim? ‚Äď From promoting yourself to pure survival
–¬† Communication Styles ‚Äď Identification and use
–¬† Proactive Management ‚Äď Bottom-up

Angelika Collisi has consults her clients in Change Management initiatives such as SAP rollouts, process optimization and organizational restructuring. She has ample experience in managing bottom-up and , as a project manager, without disciplinary powers. She has coached individual clients and Senior Management teams on dealing with their bosses. For more details, see www.angelika-collisi.de.

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