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Four Steps to Create Your Local Group

As any professional will tell you, interpersonal connections form the very cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling career. Among WIA’s goals is building our members’ careers through our network, and what better network to nurture than the one you are already in?

Our local groups are strong, ever-growing and diverging units that meet regularly for networking events, trainings and lectures. These events include professional trainings and workshops with qualified trainers and coaches, company visits, mentoring evenings or simply chatting over drinks and dinner. All local groups are free to organise a programme that matches the expectations of the local WIA community. Feel free to suggest your ideas and play an active role in creating the events you most want to see happen! Do you have any questions or would you like to be put on the list for a local group, or propose to start one in your area? Let us know!

In the mean time please consult the easy Four Steps to Create Your Local Group!

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