Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

A great initiative to motivate girls about space

From the space girls website!

Sipa Press is launching a major production dedicated to space activities from women’s perspectives: Space Girls, Space Women provides a brand new photographic odyssey. Our reporters are travelling around the globe to meet girls who are passionate about space and women who are involved in space programs.
Whereas most studies underline the enduring inequalities between men and women in the sciences and technology, Space Girls, Space Women goes beyond stereotypes.
Alongside the European Space Agency, the projects founding partner, it is our intention to bring a new perspective to science, technology and innovation through space. As the European space project celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, the aim of Space Girls, Space Women is to reach out to a broader public through a major touring exhibition, powerful images, and personal experiences introducing space programs through the eyes of the women involved.


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