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A tribute to Andrea Boese, WIA-Europe Director of International Relations

Women in Aerospace ‚Äď Europe has lost a dedicated Board member, a renowned professional and a very dear friend.¬† Andrea Boese passed away on August 29th after fighting illness for many weeks.

As a graduate nutritionist, Andrea Boese did not intend to work on research in the space sector, but once introduced to Space Life Sciences in 1999 she was captivated by this unique research field. At the German Aerospace Center (DLR) she led international, multidisciplinary studies on Human Physiology. Andrea contributed to concepts for habitat research, the design and implementation of institutional Quality Management Systems and the performance of Space Missions. With the breadth and depth of functional roles she could develop both her scientific and managerial qualities. Her experience in international projects enabled her to create a strong network of connections, specifically in the space research community.

In 2007 Andrea joined the Main Department for Strategy and International Relations at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) where she focused on space policy, exploration and strategic networks. Later she became Head of Diversity and Equal Opportunities and Chief Diversity Officer at DLR before moving to the European Space Agency as Special Advisor to the Director General.

Andrea was part of WIA-Europe from the start and contributed actively as the organization took shape.  She brought the DLR on board as our first non-profit corporate member.  She made diversity her mission and was convinced that diversity is not only about male-female balance, but religion, life-style, age, social origins and education.

Andrea was a true inspiration to us all.  Her legacy will stimulate us to continue our mission. We will all strongly miss her and will remember her fondly.  We are proud and privileged to have known Andrea. Our condolences to her family in this difficult time.

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