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WIA-E Leiden invites to a Networking Masterclass

Dear WIA members,

Do you have the experience and skills to make the most of your contacts? Are you visiting the right events? Are you meeting the right people on networking events? Remain business cards stack in a pile on your desk?

WIA-E and ESA-BIC Noordwijk  invite you to a specific Networking Masterclass especially designed for technical people and start-ups, to capitalize on networking opportunities.

This Networking Masterclass, moderated by Cathy Delhanty, summarises the key networking concepts of:

Networking Strategy to make sure that your networking efforts are working towards your business goals
Increasing your Visibility to make your networking efforts easier and more efficient by being recognized by others
Learn to Meet People in your own style and pace
And build business relationships, because the goal is not to collect a pile of business cards, but to build a functioning business network.

To bring knowledge to the industry The Hague University of Applied Science will be conducting a primary research project into the effectiveness of business networking training (in business incubators).
To put theory into practice will finish off the masterclass with networking drinks and finger food.

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Venue: SBIC Noordwijk, Kapteynstraat 1, Noordwijk
Time: 17.00- 21.00 hrs
Date: 5th October


Cathy Delhanty spent most of her career as an international business consultant, specializing in business development and growth in international telecommunications and aerospace. After years of honing advanced networking techniques as key a business advantage, and watching others struggle with business networking, she is dedicating her career to teaching a process-based method of business networking.
Through The Networking Workshops, Cathy is lecturing at top universities, major corporations, and business incubators, across Europe. This will be a busy year for The Networking Workshop with lectures scheduled in Greece, Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.
Cathy has a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Graduate Diploma in Business and Technology from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Living in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters, she volunteers at UNICEF and knits scarves for homeless people in her spare time.

We hope to meet you there,

on behalf of the WIA leiden team
Barbara ten Berge

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