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WIA-E informs of the Student Aerospace Challenge 2016-2017

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

The Student Aerospace Challenge 2016-2017 (http://www.studentaerospacechallenge.eu/) was launched a few days ago and the organisation committee is encouraging applications from all ESA Member States!

This challenge proposed by the Astronaute Club Européen (ACE) and its industrial and institutional partners allows university students to participate to the study of a reusable manned suborbital vehicle.

In order to provide students with a clear working basis the study is divided in 9 annual work packages:
WP1 – Aerodynamics and Flight control
WP2 – Structure and lay-out
WP3 – Propulsion
WP4 – Cabin layout (except electronic devices)
WP5 – On-board systems
WP6 – Maintenance
WP7 – Economic aspects
WP8 – Legal aspects
WP9 – Medical aspects

Students have the opportunity to create a team, put their knowledge into practice by working on a specific work package (linked to their core activity or in complement) and enjoy the privilege to add to their education an original experience which brings them closer to the aerospace sector.

Selected teams will have around 5 months to work on their projects and submit a report. They will then be invited to the Suborbital Day were they will get the opportunity to present their project to the partners of this challenge (including Dassault Aviation, Airbus, Safran, Thales and ESA). The best presentations will be rewarded at a Award Ceremony at Le Bourget Paris Air show.

Students wishing to participate in the Challenge need to get an oral authorization by an official of their institution (Director, Studies director, Professor, etc.) and apply through the “Application” section of the website (http://www.studentaerospacechallenge.eu/index.php/en/inscriptions/inscription-form). They will have to specify the selected work package and provide a cover letter describing their motivation and skills (1000 words max).

Key dates:
1st December 2016: end of application period
13th January 2017: deadline for sending the abstracts
2nd May 2017: deadline for sending the electronic form of the report and the poster
8th June 2017: ¬ę The Suborbital Day ¬Ľ, a special event, gathering students and Partners, ending the eleventh exercise of the Student Aerospace Challenge
23rd June 2017: Award ceremony at Le Bourget Paris Air show

If you are interested in becoming Ambassador for the Challenge, you can find all the information at the bottom of the main page of the student aerospace challenge website http://www.studentaerospacechallenge.eu/.

Do not hesitate to share the information with your colleagues/students.

Best regards,

ESA Tertiary Education team

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