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WIA-E Rome represented at debate on women and gender at University of Trieste, Italy

The event, held on 13 December 2016, was organised by the CUG (Comitato Unico di Garanzia) of the University of Trieste, Italy.

After the welcome of Patrizia Romito (President of CUG of the University of Trieste) some experience has been shared by authoritative women like:

  • Barbara Poggio¬†(CSG ‚Äď Center of interdisciplinary gender study of Trento‚Äôs university)
  • Paola Deiana¬†(CIRSDe ‚Äď Interdisciplinary Center for gender/women research and studies of Torino‚Äôs University)
  • Annamaria Nassisi¬†(WIA Europe Director of Communication and Chair Rome Local Group)
  • Claudia Padovani¬†(CIRSG – Interdisciplinary Center for gender study of Padova‚Äôs University)
  • Marina De Chiara¬†(Center for postcolonial and gender studies of Napole‚Äôs University)

The successful seminary allowed to share experiences on the Italian research centre for gender study.

In Italy there are many researches and studies of this nature (the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Studies of the University of Turin celebrates its 25 years of activity).

The research centers for studies on women or gender propose to take gender issues or female identity as a key tool in action and interdisciplinary research and practice, involving different areas: economic, legal, political, psychological, scientific, social, historical, philosophical, literary, artistic.

Their objectives are mainly summed up in three points:

  1. promote a cultural reflection of broad knowledge, experience and work of women within the University in strong connection with the land and other areas of work.
  2. spread the culture of women and gender equality through various initiatives, such as cultural exchanges, scientific debates and national and international collaborations by providing individuals and institutions with the necessary skills.
  3. encourage the postgraduate formation and continuing education (eg. Master in Gender Policies in the World of Work, Gender and Intercultural Studies Course, Course Women, Politics and Institutions), organizing seminars and conferences and participate in local, national and international research projects.

See here the flyer of the event, and some photos below.

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