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WIA-E Strasbourg at the International Space University

International Space University, Parc d’innovation, Illkirch, is organizing a WIA-E event which will be held on Monday 23rd January at 18:30 at Galaxy Auditorium following with a reception at Pioneer Hall.
Women In Aerospace (WIA) is an organization dedicated to expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace sector. It acknowledges and promotes innovative individuals who strive to advance the aerospace industry as a whole.
Taking advantage of plenty space professionals and enthusiasts who are pursuing their studies, professional development, and career, for this event we are invited as a speakers:
Dr Barbara Imhof (Managing director at LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH), and Ms Elodie Viau (Senior Manager Spacecraft Procurement, SES)  and Ms Shruti Vyas (SES)

Dr Barbara Imhof, Ms Elodie Viau and Ms Shruti Vyas will talk about their carreer achievements.
Specifically for students linked to architecture, Barbara Imhof’s topic will be: Dare to leave the capsule. She will speak about her work with LIQUIFER and how she created the path to an inter-disciplinary, multi-cultural unique company engaged in space architecture and exploration, designing our future on earth and in space. She will also talk about the most important points in creating a gender-balanced and diverse work environment using examples of her carrier.
Ms Elodie Viau and Shruti Vyas will covered the topic related to telecommunication.
Feel free to invite your students and as well any interested to join that event dedicated to architecture and telecommunication through WIA experience. Important information for all interested, for this event we prefer registration mode.

Please follow the link:
Attached an invitation flyer and below likewise you may find agenda:

WIA-E -Strasbourg at ISU
Agenda for the 23rd of January 2017 :

  • 18:30 (10’): Introduction  (by ISU in charge of event)
  • 18:40 (45′): Dr Barbara Imhof (Managing director at LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH)
  • 19:25 (45′): Ms Elodie Viau (Senior Manager Spacecraft Procurement, SES) and Ms Shruti Vyas (SES)
  • 20:10: Closing words (by ISU in charge of event)

With margin

  • 20:15-21:00 : Reception at the Pioneers Hall, ISU
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