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SGAC is seeking a Full-Time Deputy Executive Director

SGACĀ has grown tremendously in the past few years. To support this growth, SGAC is seeking a qualified young professional to join the SGAC headquarters inĀ Vienna, Austria, as theĀ Deputy Executive Director. This challenging role is dynamic, flexible and of high responsibility. Background in problem solving and proactive engagement in developing and following up on international partnerships and fundraising will be strongly valued.

The paid Deputy Executive Director position is split between two areas of responsibility – Operations Management (80%) and Events Coordination (20%). As a global organisation primarily driven by active volunteers from around the world, part of the mission of the deputy ED is to provide opportunities and empower our volunteers to lead and interact with some of today’s top leaders in the space sector.

Deadline for application submission is 28 February 2017!

For more details please go though thisĀ link.

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