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WIA-E Bremen organises space tour in Bremen

WIA-E Bremen participant,

are you interested in knowing  space tour in Bremen city, which is the space hub of Germany?

Having 5 space companies, one of which has developed Galileo, the European GPS!
Did you know that many segments of the ISS as well as the European Launcher Ariane have been developed in Bremen?
And how about the airplane making the very first transatlantic flight from Europe to America? Yes, that airplane was developed in Bremen.
In order to get to know all the details as well as meeting a space engineer and asking all your space related questions be sure to JOIN the tour.

The tour will be held in English but you can also ask your questions in the following languages: German, Turkish, Bulgarian

  • When: Sunday 02 April at 13:30
  • Where: Tram stop “Neuenlander Feld”¬†(final stop of tram line #6)

Please let us know by March 30, 2017. Just click on one of the links below.

Yes, I will attend
No , I will not attend

More events will come soon…stay tuned!

Your WIA-E Bremen Organization Team

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