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WIA-E announces the 2017 edition of the “International Contracts in Aerospace Industries” program

AIAD (Italian Association of Aerospace and Defense Industries) in collaboration with CESMA (Air Force Study Association), the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE), the University of Bologna, the University of Turin, LS Lexius Sinacta Law Firm and other major institutions have launched the second edition of the executive course in

“International Contracts in Aerospace Industries”

The course, unique in Italy, offers a programme targeting mainly in-house lawyers and managers in the aerospace and aviation industry.

The 2017 programme comprises three specialized modules (8 hours a day) on

  1. Contract Law,
  2. Insurance,
  3. Negotiation and Settling Disputes.

Each module includes face-to face presentation in the mornings while the afternoons are devoted to discussion, practical and interactive exercises (mock cases, drafting clauses, group work, problem-solving).

The lecturers are highly recognized academics and top level professionals with a longstanding reputation in aerospace and aviation law.

Moreover, a one-day executive seminar is planned for the Autumn 2017 on the subject: Procurement Regulation in Aerospace (private and public sector). Details will be later available.

Key information on the executive course:

  • Duration

5-7 July 2017 (for a total of 24 hours)

  • Location

Roma – Viale dell’Università 20 (Casa dell’Aviatore)

  • Website (detailed info)


  • Registation


  • Contacts

icai@iuse.it | Phone +39 011 670 9425

More detailed information is available in the attached brochure






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