Dear all,

we’re pleased to announce the Satellites and Orbiting Platforms Master Presentation for the academic year 2017-2018 and other Master of DIMA (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace,)  which will take place on  Wednesday 6 December at 6 p.m., in Cloister Room at “La Sapienza University”,  via Eudessiana 18, Rome.

The afternoon will be opened at 4 p.m. with the presentations  of students who has reached  Master in Satellites 2016-2017.

At 19:30 will be an aperitif for and we shall opportunity to Christmas wishes for upcoming festivities.

For organizational reasons,  confirmation of participation is required at the address

As far as the Master in Satelliti e Piattaforme Orbitanti, it is “a list” only.The maximum number of participants is 14, while the minimum number required for the Master is 10.

  • The applicant has to pay test fee of € 51.00 (€ 35.00 of university fee and € 16.00 of stamp duty absolved virtually). Only in case of ranking list failure (not published) of  candidates admitted,  will be refunded the entrance fee of € 35.00, with the exception of the stamp duty, upon written request to Master’s Director.
  • The application for admission, accompanied by the aforementioned annexes, must reach no later than 12 January 2018
  • The applicant admitted to the Master, will must pay the enrollment fee of € 7,500.00
  • For the academic year 2017-2018, 8 scholarships were offered, Euro 7,500.00  each one, to cover all subscrition fee:  Thales Alenia Space (4), Telespazio (1) ASI (2), CGS- OHB (1).

All details about Master’s enroll and necessary documents are described in attachment.

Best Regards,
WIA-E Rome Local Group