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WIA-E assigning Student & Young Professional Award 2018

WIA-Europe would like to recognize the achievements of upcoming talents – young professionals and students alike – and for this we set up our awards programme.

Participation in the event demonstrates your commitment to WIA-Europe’s mission: to expand women’s opportunities for leadership and increase their visibility in the aerospace community.

A call for 2018 nominees is now out: please send in your nominations and applications. The deadline for this year is 1 February 2018.
You need to be a Women In Aerospace Europe member to be eligible for Student and Young Professional award. The programme is open to both genders.

Rules and guidelines:

Student & Young Professional Award
The WIA-Europe Student & Young Professional Award is ā‚¬1,000 and is open to individuals aged 21 to 35 who are registered as a full time student at a European university or as a young professional in the aerospace sector in Europe. Candidates may have a non-European nationality. Applicants must be members of WIA-Europe.
The award is presented to the student or young professional who writes the best essay of no more than 1,000 words that discusses:
The relevance of studying and working in the aerospace sector and their view on their future role in this field
What the candidate intends to do with the prize money and the experience to be gained through it, including efforts to share what has been learned


Candidates should submit:
ā€¢ A completed, signed application form WIA_E_SYP_Award_Form
ā€¢ A reference letter from a current professor or employer
ā€¢ A copy of a valid passport or other official identification document
ā€¢ An essay of maximum 1,000 words, in accordance with the guidelines provided
ā€¢ An extended curriculum vitae

Six months after receiving the award, the winner must provide a brief report outlining how the prize money has helped her to advance his or her career/studies.

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