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Horizon 2020 Space 2018 call

Dear WIA-Europe members,

are you interested in becoming an evaluator for the European Commission in the upcomingĀ Horizon 2020 Space 2018 call?

WIA-Europe together with Research Executive Agency (REA) Space Unit of the European Commission would like to boost the participation of female experts in the H2020 Space calls closing on theĀ 6th of March 2018.

The REA Space Unit is looking for high-level technical and commercial experts in the fields of the topics listed below. The topic description is available in theĀ H2020 Space work programme 2018-2020.

Earth observation:

  • Copernicus market uptake
  • Copernicus evolution ā€“ Mission exploitation concepts
  • Copernicus evolution – preparing for the next generation of Copernicus Marine Service ocean models

Space technologies:

  • Technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness
  • Generic space technologies
  • Space robotics technologies
  • Earth observation technologies
  • Satellite communication technologies
  • Access to space

Science and exploration:

  • Scientific instrumentation and technologies enabling space science and exploration

Space hubs for Copernicus

Space outreach and education



In order to be involved as an evaluator in H2020, you have to be registered in the H2020 joint database of independent experts filling the form availableĀ here.

Through the single registration in the database, you can also be considered for evaluations or monitoring in other Space-related programmes such as the SME Instrument, ICT, Key Enabling Technologies, or Earth observation in the societal challenges programmes.

Interested to be an evaluator in the H2020 Space calls or to suggest suitable female experts? Please contact REA by the emailĀ REA-SPACE-CALLS@ec.europa.euĀ before end of December 2017!

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