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WIA-E Paris invites to lunch at CNES

Dear WIA-E members,

H√©l√®ne Ben-Aim and Kammy Brun, as WIA-E Paris local group coordinators, are plased to calling you for a lunch this Thursday 21 December from 12:00 to 14:00 at the RER stop “Les Halles” in front of CNES. This will also be a great opportunity to relaunch our Paris local group!

You are welcome to gather for lunch to meet WIA-E members in Paris, and build-up together with the attendees the activities for 2018. Confirmations of attendance are requested until Tuesday December 19th.

Contact details:

Kammy Brun ‚Ästkammybrun@head-aerospace.fr¬†¬† & Helene Ben Aim ‚Ästhelene.benaim@cnes.fr

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