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WIA-E Rome invites to Yuri’s night 2018 in Milan

Dear members,

on 13 April 2018 Yuri’s Night will be celebrated in Milan, as one of the numerous “space parties” organised all around the world nearing the 12th of April, date when Yuri Gagarin, in 1961, became the first man in space, and also, in 1981, the Space Shuttle had its first flight.

It will be a night for both science communication (about space, in primis) and enjoyment!

Lots of activities will take place during this night, such as a flash-talk by people participating to the event, virtual reality experience and a contest for the best space outfit (both individual and team).

For further information please visit the Facebook page and the official website for the event.

To take part to it, you need to register before 9 April 2018 at https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/yuris-night-milan-2018 

The event will see the contribution of:

  • Adrian Fartade, science communicator¬†at Link2Universe and¬†youtuber
  • Hady Ghassabian, suborbital astronaut
  • Cristina Pozzi, futurist and¬†founder of Impactscool
  • Giovanno Pandolfi, CTO and¬†co-founder of Leaf Space
  • Marco Vigan√≤, participant to¬†Novy Gagarin – Mongol Rally 2018

See you there!

WIA-E Rome Local Group

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