Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Gaia Guiso

Gaia Guiso holds a Master’s Degree in Law with focus on EU Law. After graduation, she attendedĀ the specialistic course on Space law, policies and institutions of SIOI (UN Association for Italy), in Rome, and of the European Centre for Space Law, in Caen, France. Currently working as a CRM Specialist, she had a previous experience as a Market Intelligence analyst at Thales Alenia Space.

Information technology enthusiast, she is a blogger on cybersecurity topics on an Italian online newspaper, and earned a Google and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe certification for completing a course on digital competences related to marketing.

Within WIA-Europe, Gaia assists the Director of Communications in guaranteeing continuos updating of the website with all events and news, and is also the point of contact for both WIA-Europe and WIA-Europe Local Groups, in order to guarantee uniformity and harmonisation by following the established rules and best practices.

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