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Maria Antonietta Perino

Director of International Relations

Maria Antonietta obtained a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. In 1988, she attended the first Summer Session of the International Space University (M.I.T., Boston, USA) and subsequently joined as a faculty member. She is currently a member of the Academic Council.

Since 1986, she has served as the Programme Manager at Thales Alenia Space in Turin, overseeing major ESA and ASI activities related to Moon and Mars exploration.

Currently, she is the Director of Space Economy Exploration and International Network.

Maria Antonietta is involved in different activities promoting the development of young professionals in the space industry.

She is the author of several publications, papers, and reports, and Acta Astronautica Co-Editor.

Maria Antonietta is a member of different scientific committees, of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), and of Women in Aerospace Europe. She is a member of the AcadĆ©mie de lā€™Air et de lā€™Espace and the International Academy of Astronautics, and former Vice President of the International Astronautical Federation Bureau. She is the President of Explore Mars Europe.

She was awarded the ‘Woman of Excellence 2010’ by AIDDA, the Italian chapter of FCEM (Femmes Chefs dā€™Enterprises Mondiales), and in 2019, the ‘Stella al Merito del Lavoro’ (Star of Merit for Labour) by the President of the Italian Republic.

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