Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Planetek Italia, established in 1994, is a small Italian company that employs about 45 professional men and women, all appassionate and skilled in space solutions, Universe exploration and Earth preservation. Planetekā€™s core business is based on information sciences and space technologies applied to land management and space exploration. Its main application fields are Environmental Monitoring, Cartography, Space Software and Ground Segment systems, Planetary Exploration, Security and Defense.

The Company provides solutions for Copernicus implementation by designing and developing Earth Observation based valued added products and services for the enviromental monitoring that are integrated into Spatial Data Infrastructures compliant with OGC/ISO standards and INSPIRE implementing rules.
Planetek has a sound experience in definition and implementation of software for space systems for Earth Observation and Extra Planetary missions, such as ERS, Envisat, COSMO SkyMED, Mars Express mission, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Solar Orbiter. It develops information solutions for storage, elaboration and distribution of satellite images and cartographic databases.

Its operating model is based on Design Thinking approach in which users play a central role in expressing needs, ambitions and capabilities, taking into account the social responsibility, environmental and economical sustainability.

In order to meet in an exhaustive way the needs of the customers, Planetek Italia also offers customised training and consultancy services able to fulfil the specific requirements of the users. Moreover the Company is very active in promotion of Earth Observation data exploitation and inweaves strong relations with Education and Research Organizations.

Planetek Testimonial video for WIA-E

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