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WIA-E events at IAC 2018

Dear all,

we’re happy to provide you the agenda for WIA-E events at IAC 2018!

As you know, the Congress this year will be held from 1 to 5 October in Bremen, Germany, and WIA-E will take an active part to it!

You will have a chance to:

  • visit our booth in the Exhibition Hall (Booth No. 5 G 17) and to participate to our networking events
  • attend to WIA-E events scheduled on Wednesday 3 October:

o   WIA-E Awards Ceremony (16:30 – 16:45), to honor the outstanding young professionals and students dedicated to our profession

o   Young ESA / SGAC / WIA-E Speed-Mentoring Session & Networking reception session (16:45 – 17:40) where high-level space experts can inspire a selected group of young professionals

  • And the Young Professional programmes which are co-sponsored by WIA-Europe.

o     Sunday 30 September; 19h00 – 21h00 (Location: Room CCB Borgward/ CCB Foyer)

o     Wednesday 3 October; 19h30 – 21h00 (Location: Room CCB Borgward/ CCB Foyer)

During the “IAF IDEA 3G Diversity Afternoon” (OVB Arena, Olbers) Events, WIA-E is sponsoring the following events:

1.     WIA-E Update & Awards Ceremony  (16:30 – 16:50)

WIA-E offers mentoring programmes, awards, grants, training workshops, networking local groups and much more. In addition to this, both regional and central events regularly feature speakers and panel discussions on a wide range of topics of interest to the community, and keep members updated with valuable industry information such as scholarships and conferences.

Awards Background information

WIA-Europe would like to encourage and support upcoming talent – young professionals and students alike – and for this an award programme was established. The programme provides a prize of € 1000 to the applicant (member) who has written the best essay that discusses the relevance of studying and working in the aerospace sector and their view on their future role in this field.

The applicant also described what the (s)he intends to do with the prize money and the experience to be gained through it, including efforts to share what has been learned. Applicants were selected based on their essay. An awards committee of space professionals under the lead of Prof. Chris Welch, International Space University, evaluated and decided on the winners.

Along with the prize of € 1000, they will also win a year-long free membership to WIA-Europe for the following year.


• Welcome and Keynote by WIA – E President and Interim Chair, Luisella Giulicchi
• Introduction to the WIA-E Grant programme by Chris Welch
• Short 5 minute presentation by Grant winner(s) about their work
• Congratulation by WIA-E Director of Professional Development, Christina Giannopapa
• Group photo

2. IAF IDEA Mentoring Session with Young ESA / SGAC / WIA-E & Networking reception (16:50 – 17:45)

About the Mentoring Session

The IAF, SGAC, Young-ESA and WIA-E have joined forced for the first time to offer a joint Mentoring Session to Young Professionals with top space professionals. This speed mentoring serves as a bridge between the experienced and the incoming generation of actors in the space sector.


• Welcome by the Moderator, Mary Snitch (5 minutes)
• 5 Speed mentoring sessions of 9 minutes each (45 minutes)
• Summary and closing remarks by Moderators (5 minutes)

Event Structure

There will be 5 tables for 6 participants and 1 mentor each. Speed mentoring participants were selected by:

  • IAF Workforce Development and Young Professionals Programme Committee – 12 participants (2 tables)
  • Young ESA – 6 participants (1 table)
  • SGAC – 6 participants (1 table)
  • WIA-E – 6 participants (1 table)

Speed mentoring participants were selected beforehand by the host organisations. While the mentors from table to table will rotate, participants remain seated. During the event, a networking reception is offered for all spectators.

List of invited Mentors:

  • Jean-Yves Le Gall, President IAF
  • Oliver Juckenhoefel, Vice-President On-Orbit Services and Exploration Airbus
  • Jan Woerner, Director General ESA
  • Fritz Merkle, Member of the Management Board OHB
  • [to be announced soon] Thales Alenia Space


  • Mary Snitch, Vice-President for Diversity Initiatives IAF
  • Christopher Vasko, Young ESA
  • Christina Giannopapa, Director of Professional Development WIA-Europe
  • Clementine Decoopman, Executive Director SGAC

We look forward to seeing you there!

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