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WIA-E Bremen plan for 2019

Dear WIA-E Bremen members,

at the beginning of this new year, we organized a brainstorming table in order to plan the new events and involve the members to assure a common interest and opportunities to visit new companies, listen to stories and organize local workshops.

We’re proud to remind you that the new year will be also the 10th anniversary of WIA-Europe: more then ever, then, this is the right moment to share ideas, events and organization topics.

This brainstorming event, held on January 25, 2019, saw the participation of many different people from a variety of sectors and companies: from OHB to Airbus Defence and Space, from Zarm, DLR  to the University of Bremen, and consultants too. This retreat also saw the participation of new members, some of which men: see a picture below.

A lot of the ideas were collected and scheduled for the 2019, so…stay tuned!

WIA-E Bremen

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