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WIA-E Bremen goes behind the scenes at Airbus Space System in Bremen

Dear all,

on 23 May 2019,¬†WIA-E Bremen, with support of Airbus Space System ladies’ team, had a guided tour inside the Airbus company and integration hall.

As you know, Airbus is a major contributor to space exploration and human spaceflight, as well as a leading manufacturer of Earth observation, navigation, science and telecommunications satellites. Its portfolio ranges from the ExoMars rover and the European Service Module for the Orion spacecraft to the Ariane 5 launcher, to be followed in 2020 by the Ariane 6.

The visit started with an overview of the current Ariane 5 and its integration hall and development of the next Ariane 6.

Therefore the manned spaceflight area was presented from the involvement of Airbus in the historical Spacelab reusable laboratory through the Columbus Module on board the ISS until the current contribution to the European Service Module for the Orion.

Below a picture taken during the visit.

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