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WIA-E invites to Unconscious Bias webinars in May and June 2019

While multiple studies have long since attested to the economic benefits of gender parity, unconscious gender bias is still one of the most decisive factors affecting inclusion at the workplace. And whatā€™s even worse to know is that every one of us, man and woman alike, is contributing to it without even realising. To explore personal levels of unconscious bias and to learn how to reduce the impact of unconscious biases on oneself and on others, WIA Europe has invited Clare McNamara and Francine Brooks from Engage to Move Ahead to share their expertise with our members. Are you aware of your unconscious biases?

What is unconscious bias? It is a mechanism both useful and highly restrictive. Useful, as it allows our brain to automatically make quick assessments of people and situations that might be potentially dangerous. Restrictive, as the swift judgement that we are unconsciously passing on others considerably influences our behaviour around diversity, while more often than not being based on stereotypical assumptions that have little to do with reality.

To raise awareness of unconscious bias and help implement changes to perceptions as a key strategic focus for organisations, WIA-E continues sharing the concept at Local Groups and Corporate Members. WIA-E members who have missed the previous training (read below) will have the opportunity to sign up for one of the two upcoming webinars led by Clare McNamara and Francine Brooks from Engage to Move Ahead.

The webinars will be held on 16th May and 13th June, 13-14 CET.

The objectives and content will be the same in each webinar to allow as many people as possible to access a live session:

  • Objectives: Explain the concept of unconscious bias; Explore personal experience and experience of others; Investigate how to identify and manage bias in self and others; Provide tips and techniques.
  • Outline content: Concept of bias and impact on behaviour and influencing skills; Identifying and managing bias in self and others; Tips and techniques
  • Q & A session.
  • Delivery: PowerPoint slides, Interactive elements using voting buttons and chat; Access to downloadable workbook, PDF tip sheets and unedited recording

Registration deadline session 1: May 6th, 2019
Registration deadline session 2: June 3rd, 2019

ClickĀ hereĀ to register (please note, you’ll have to install Zoom in order to take part to the webinar).

As mentioned, to approach this topic in more detail and to share effective techniques to manage unconscious bias at the workplace, on 15 March 2019 WIA-E has invited Clare McNamara of Move Ahead Global and Francine Brooks of Engage People Development Ltd for a one-day-workshop that was held at the AIRBUS D&S Leiden premises.

During the interactive training, participants had the chance to learn about the theory behind Unconscious Bias as well as to take part in practical exercises, which would enable them to implement specific measures to reduce the impact of Unconscious Biases on themselves and on others. The diverse group of attendees consisted of Local Group leaders as well as PoCs of our Corporate Members (AIRBUS D&S Netherlands, HE Space, Thales Alenia Space), and represented a good balance of generations, backgrounds and nationalities. Workbooks and supporting materials provided all content, and interactive elements were used to capture and reinforce learning points throughout the workshop.


Attending WIA-E members enjoyed the diversity of formats offered by the key speakers, and were highly engaged and enthusiastic to take part in all exercises as well as to share experiences and opinions. The group left motivated to implement learning back in local groups and teams.



Click here for the video ā€œInspiring The Future – Redraw The Balanceā€œ:Ā https://youtu.be/qv8VZVP5csA

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