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Orbit Your Thesis! 2020 Call for Proposals

ESA Education is inviting university student teams to submit proposals requiring designing, building and operating an experiment to be launched to the International Space Station and hosted inside the ICE Cubes facility for up to 4 months.
Participation is simple, teams interested in applying to the Orbit Your Thesis! 2020 programme should notify ESA Academy by sending a letter of intent and the ā€˜Privacy notice and consent formā€™ ratified to ā€˜orbityourthesis@esa.intā€™ by December 1st 2019.

Following this first stage, all teams registered will be able to submit an accurately completed set of documents detailing the description of the experiments that they intend to perform by mid February 2020.

Nominally the proposed experiments should aim to fit into 1 U Cube, however, depending on the complexity of the experiment and the availability of slots on the facility, ESA Education may consider larger configurations.

Experiments are required to be a key part of master or PhD theses, and the subject of the experiments investigations must necessitate long exposure to ISS environmental conditions.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, read the full article here.


* ESA strongly believes in diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. Students applying to all calls should also strive to implement these principles when forming their teams. *

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