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Calls open for ESA Academy’s Training Sessions in Q1 2020

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we are pleased to share with you the following opportunity provided by ESA.

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ESAā€™s Education Office would like to inform you that the calls for applications for the following ESA Academy’s Training Sessions are now opened. These training Sessions will be held at ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium between January and March 2020.

Clean Space Training Course 2020:

During this 4-day pilot course, university students will familiarise themselves with approaches to consider the environmental impact of the entire life cycle of a space mission. The course focuses on technologies to design a satellite which will not generate more debris, that will remove the ones already in orbit and that will be environmentally friendly. The lectures will provide the necessary knowledge and tools to develop in teams a ā€˜cleanā€™ satellite during the group project.

  • Open to: Master and PhD engineering students with basic knowledge of space system design
  • Deadline: 5 January 2020

Space Systems Engineering Training Course 2020:

During this 4-day course, participating students will learn about the background and challenges of space systems engineering, before delving into the roles of a systems engineer within ESA, and exploring the system engineering process in detail. The course will also give students valuable insight into concurrent design and systems approach to verification and validation as well as the interactions with project management, including project planning and risk management. The course will also include a number of group exercises, with the aim of getting participants familiar with system engineering products and some real world problems faced by space system engineers.

  • Open to: 3rd or 4th year Bachelor, Master and PhD engineering students
  • Deadline: 13 January 2020

CubeSats Concurrent Engineering Workshop 2020:

During this 4-day Workshop, students will be introduced to the concurrent design of a CubeSat mission. Guided by ESA experts, the students will learn to use the Open Concurrent Design Tool and identify design drivers. Divided into teams, they will first create a subsystem concept to later achieve an already identified mission concept, function tree and product tree, using concurrent engineering. The workshop helps to better prepare those universities that are planning to embark on a CubeSat project or are at the early stages of one.

  • Open to: Teams considering to start or who have recently started a university CubeSat project
  • Deadline: 21 January 2020

Technology Transfer, Application and Innovation Workshop 2020:

During this 4-day Workshop, the university students are introduced to the different disciplines related to Technology Transfer, Applications and Innovation. Students learn about various domains such as patenting, technology transfer and applications, and entrepreneurship. These lectures are complemented by a case study based on an actual ESA patent. The students implement their newly gained knowledge to help ESA to find a suitable application, working on a simplified business plan proposal in group projects.

  • Open to: Engineering or science students at Bachelor (at least 3rd year), Master, or PhD level & business administration students at Master level.
  • Deadline: 3 February 2020

Please do not hesitate to contact ESA Education Office for any questions and to share this information with your colleagues or on your website.

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ESA Education Office

PS: Interested in ESA Academy’s Training Sessions in other domains? Have a look at our current opportunities on http://www.esa.int/Education/ESA_Academy/Current_opportunities

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