Event 03.03.2020
Location Strasbourg

  • Date: 03 March 2020
  • Time: 15:30 – 18:00
  • Place: ISU, International Space University, 1, rue JD Cassini , 67400 Illkirch, France

You are invited to take part in a Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) Workshop titled “Women in the Workplace” on March 3, from 15:30 at the International Space University.

Supreet Kaur, a current Master of Space Studies student, will lead the workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to engage in a discussion regarding topics such as imposter syndrome, the grapevine network, unconscious bias, etc. We will reflect as individuals and as a whole on what it means to be a woman working or studying in the aerospace industry in the countries we come from.


The event is open and free for current members of WIA-E Strasbourg.
If you are not a member yet, please contact: strasbourg@wia-europe.org