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WIA-E Strasbourg invites to Celebrating Women’s Day 2020

International Space University, Illkirch/Strasbourg


In the context of International Women’s Day 2020, WIA-E Strasbourg organises talks and presentations with its members.

WIA-E Strasbourg will celebrate its members by showcasing the Amazing Women of its local group.

Several of them will host presentations and discussions on their current outreach work, their actions to challenge stereotypes, to fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements. We will then exchange on how to engage in outreach activity, how to have an impact on younger generations and how to promote women’s empowerment.

Program of the afternoon:

  • 14:00: presentations by members:

Altynay Demeubayeva: outreach efforts of the International Space University specifically for kids and teens. Project of creation of a social media platform to encourage kids and teens to pursue space careers, specifically in the context of underprivileged countries.

Sehaz Deyal: The Power of Mentorship

Supreet Kaur: Mentoring the future generation

Shreya Sarkar: Challenges of girls’ education in India

Tasmia Tahmid: Experience of being a woman in Space tech: BS-1 mission

  • 16:00 : exchange with the public


The event is open and free for members of WIA-E Strasbourg.

If you are not a member yet, please contact: strasbourg@wia-europe.org


International Space University
1, rue JD Cassini
67400 Illkirch, France


Amazing Women of ISU MSS20 Flyer

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