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Meet the community: Lunch with WIA-E

Each Friday at 1pm CET (12pm BST) WIA-E invites you to join a virtual meet up with the community.

Bring your lunch and meet WIA-E members from all over Europe at our virtual lunch party hosted on Zoom.

We had a very active discussion on the topic of ā€œImpostor syndromeā€ last Friday, thank you to everyone who joined, and to Antonella Sgambati from WIA-E Bremen local group for hosting the meeting. After an hour of video and chat conversation there was still a lot left to say, so we hope you make use of the WIA-E Confined Coffee and get connected to one of the members in order to keep the conversation going.

This weekā€™s Friday lunch will be hosted by WIA-E Rome local group and will focus on your experience with the WIA-E network and its Local Groups. How can we create truly successful and useful networks together? How are you using your networks, and what can you do to enhance your networking experience?

Friday, 8 May, WIA-E Lunch: “Be part of WIA- E: what does the association mean to you and what is your experience in your Local Group?”

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