Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Time for change

Is 2021 the year women break through the final glass ceiling in the space industry?

The call for applications to succeed Johann-Dietrich Wƶrner as the Director General of ESA in 2021, closed on 31st August 2020.

In its 50ā€“year history, the European Space Agency has never had a female Director General, but is it now time for a change at the top? A female Director General would signal ESA member states’ commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to a modern Space sector in a modern Europe. A female Director General would also provide a valuable role model for all young people starting out in the space sector.

The future of ESA lies in its ability to evolve, to re-invent the state of the art, to innovate, increasing its role as a player in a knowledge based society. The WIA-E community is testament to the world-class skill and hard work of European women in the space industry today. There will be excellent female candidates for the role of ESA Director General, so letā€™s make 2021 a year of change!

The results of the selection are expected by the end of the year, and we canā€™t wait!


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