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WIA-E UK hosts a virtual training session with Gabriella Goddard

The UK Local Group is delighted to host a virtual training session for members with Gabriella Goddard. The Stand Tall session is open to 20 members and will use the Lumina Splash app.

Join us online on 29th September 12:00-13:00 UK time (13:00-14:00 CET)

Register here.

More details on Stand Tall:

As we head into the last months of 2020, the future continues to look uncertain. To successfully navigate your way through these turbulent times, you need to be more adaptable, agile and resilient.

In this highly interactive session, weā€™ll use the Lumina Splash app to explore your personality strengths and natural capabilities, and how you can flex your style to get the best out of others. When you stand tall in who you are and know what value you bring, youā€™ll naturally feel more courageous and confident ā€“ no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Gabriella Goddard is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development specialist with over 18-years of experience training managers and leaders to create, innovate, and lead the next frontier. In this time, she has worked with a wide range of companies such as Airbus (management, HR Europe & diversity topics).

She is also the Founder of the Brainsparker App which is the No.1 creativity app in the USA/Canada/UK and used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to ignite their innovatorā€™s mindset.

Gabriella regularly writes expert tips and articles on creativity, coaching, and innovation for Forbes where she is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and is the published author of ā€œGulp! ā€“ The seven-day crash course to master fear and break through any challengeā€ (Penguin/Bantam)








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