Have you ever asked yourself “How can I have a global impact and help the human population understand that we shall take care of our planet?“ or “How can I foster STEAM education and encourage children to pursue their dreams and never give up?”

Big dream/vision, I know… but I once read that the “word ‘impossible’ is not in the leaders’ dictionary”, and no matter how big the challenges are, anybody can overcome them with passion and determination. From the moment I looked up at the brilliant stars, at the age of 8, I asked myself how can I reach that beauty, how can I send my message to the stars. Encouraged by my parents, I followed my passion for science, technology, and space and did my PhD in Engineering, in the field of microgravity research. In the last 10+ years, I led complex international aerospace projects with my life being always accompanied by music and sports. Little by little, my childhood vision grew until it materialized in OLYMPIASPACE Foundation: making the impossible possible.

Today, I travel around the world, join schools, inspire children of all backgrounds about space exploration, and trigger their curiosity by questioning the unknown. I make them think of the importance of learning from failures as well as believing in their dreams. I ask them to fill my five little miniature rockets with their dreams, messages, wishes or drawings, and then be ready for their launch into space…indeed, on board of a real rocket!

After their letters have touched the stars, I make sure to return all drawings and messages to the children in person. They have a lifelong memory but moreover, a memento that teaches them that Earth is one, indivisible, precious and peaceful place, with no borders visible from above!

“Look Up & Dream Big”

Would you like to know more? Olympia will be hosting a virtual meetup on Friday, 27 November, 18:00 CET, where she will present her work in more detail.