WIA-E Corporate Member SITAEL promotes an online event organized by the SEELab – SDA Bocconi. The webinar will be focused on:

European space companies and global competitiveness: how finance can intervene

Business and financial solutions for small and medium space enterprises to face the global challenges posed by the evolution of the space economy.

Moderator: Mattia Pianorsi ∙ Space Economy Evolution Lab, SDA Bocconi


• Chiara Pertosa ∙ Chairwoman – SITAEL

• Richard DalBello ∙ Vice President of Global Engagement – Virgin Galactic

• Mark Boggett ∙ CEO – Seraphim Capital

• Michele Cohen ∙ Managing Director – Deutsche Bank

The webinar will be held on 18 November 2020 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 PM CET.

Follow this link to download the agenda and register to the event.